Goal update

Baseline: 73,327 square feet per acre

2018: 57,565 square feet per acre

Goal: 73,327 square feet per acre

Please note: The density metric is currently under re-evaluation to include the Med Center’s many off campus locations. 

The Campus Density goal helps the Medical Center build a campus that is dense without losing the green spaces that enrich the campus for staff, students, and visitors. It also encourages a campus that builds on its existing area and reduces campus sprawl into the surrounding areas.

Density metric.

The density metric is the amount of building and parking garage square feet per campus acre. The green space on campus is removed from the campus acres because incorporating green space is essential to good health. There are three ways for the Medical Center to make progress on this metric:

  • Reduce the total acres
  • Increase the amount of green space
  • Increase the amount of square footage on the same amount of acres

Recent Efforts

The Davis Global Center is an example of increasing density without purchasing additional land. Similar plans are ongoing for the Medical Center to continue increasing campus density.

One of the initiatives on campus, an ongoing Tree Campus USA certification, helps to ensure that the Medical Center campus continually incorporates green space. Tree Campus USA, a certification from the Arbor Day Foundation, requires campuses to have a Tree Advisory Committee, a Campus Tree Care Plan, dedicated funds for tree care, to observe Arbor Day, and to have a yearly service-learning project. The Medical Center has received the Tree Campus Certification since 2013.

Upcoming Projects

Wigton Heritage Center.

Construction has begun on the 10,000 square foot Wigton Heritage Center in the connecting space between Wittson Hall and University Tower, increasing campus density. The Wigton Heritage Center will celebrate UNMC’s history, showcase McGoogan Library’s special collections, and serve as a welcome center.

Dr. Edwin G. & Dorothy Balbach Davis Global Center for Interprofessional Learning.

This new, multi-story building will open on what used to be a parking lot, increasing density while enhancing the campus experience. The Davis Global Center will have five levels of highly advanced clinical simulation settings designed to foster effective teams and practice in a safe an innovative environment.

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